24th April In Tehran

Every year on 24th April, Armenian community of Tehran gather in the St. Sarkis church of Tehran in order to commemorate the anniversary of Armenian Genocide of 1915 by Ottoman government, like other Armenians in the world. 
Many of Armenians go to the church from the evening of 23rd April. They pay homage by lighting candles and laying flowers on the memorial of victims of the Armenian Genocide, located in the yard of the church. In the morning of 24th April, Armenians march from St. Sarkis church to the United Nation office in Tehran, after doing the religious ceremony. In this way they express their protest to the people of Iran and the world.

 But unfortunately, they didn’t march in the year 2004 for some reasons and the confluence of Armenians, in and around the church, was finished after performing the especial ceremony of anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Below, you are watching some pictures of confluence of Armenians and the ceremony in the St. Sarkis church.