Novels Dedicated To The Armenian Genocide

The novel "Forty days of Musa dagh", written by Franz Werfel in 1933, is about a band of Armenians, 5000 strong, that defend themselves against persecution by the Turks when the Armenian Genocide was performing by the government of Young Turks.


Mayrig means "mother" in Armenian, and the author starts the book with a simple and sad sentence: "Mayrig is dying." Then he goes back to his gloomy childhood, and tells a story that astonishes the reader. It is the history of Armenian people; the history of 1915 massacres of 1.5 million Armenians, committed by the Turkish government. It is a wonderful piece of literature, an amazing story of Ashot Malakian-an Armenian boy who had to leave his parents' homeland, and adopt to a new society,in Marcel, France.