Official Reports And Documents


Appeal from the Catholicos of the Armenian Church to protect Armenians. April 27, 1915. 


 Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan's response to the Catholicos' appeal to protect Armenians. April 28, 1915.

Report of Allied warning to the Ottoman government to stop the massacres of Armenians. May 29, 1915. 


Report that Ottoman Turkey is seeking to exterminate the Armenian nation. July 16, 1915. 

Secretary of State Robert Lansing's response to news that Ottoman Turkey is pursuing a policy of genocide against the Armenians. July 16, 1915. 


Report on the treatment of Armenian children in Trebizond. July 20, 1915. 

Report on the deportation of Armenians from Zeitun. July 21, 1915. 


Report from a German missionary on the massacre of Armenians from Erzerum. July 31, 1915.

Reflections on the role of Talaat Pasha in the Armenian Genocide. September 7, 1921. 



Report by a resident of Syria on the condition of Armenian deportees. November 27, 1916. 


First-hand account by a Turkish army officer on the deportation of Armenians from Trebizond and Erzerum. December 26, 1916. 

Memorandum by the Committee of Union and Progress outlining the strategy for implementing the Armenian Genocide. 1914-1915. 


Report on the massacre of Armenians in Cilicia under French administration. March 7, 1920. 

Report on the forced exile of the remaining Armenians from Aintab and Marash. November 15, 1922. 



Statistics on the pre-war and post-war Armenian population in Biledjik, Bardizag, and Hendek.